Monday, November 30, 2009

Yudu Screen Printing Machine

Yudu Screen Printing System - Print It At Home!

Let the world know who you are and where you’ve been through the clever, original messages on your t-shirts. Give ‘em a sample of attitude in the classiest of possible ways – through screen printing! Most silk screenings have traditionally been designed and produced by experienced studio artists because of the expense and enormity of the job -- and the cleanup. But now, anyone can create beautiful home accessories and t-shirts with messages using the all-in-one Yudu Screen Printing Machine. With this little guy, you’ll learn to create cards for all occasions, contemporary posters and gorgeous art prints for every room of your home. Try it today -- 30 days for only $33.00 plus S&H – AND you’ll get $120 worth of free gifts! (via yudu -amazing products)

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