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Flirty Girl Fitness Review

Flirty Girl Fitness DVD Reviews

Flirty Girl Fitness DVD Reviews
By Mike Flatow

Flirty Girl Fitness is a really hot new trend in women's fitness and I'm here to admit that I almost didn't notice it. Considering the nature of this workout it seems almost impossible that it nearly slipped by but I'm here to tell you that I think this concept is a winner. Well, for some people.

First let me say that I discovered Flirty Girl through an As Seen On TV commercial which at first I believed was some kind of spoof. The premise of Flirty Girl Fitness is creating thorough full body workouts and delivering them in a sexy package. There are Chair Dancing, Pole Dancing and Booty Dancing routines which will whip you into shape. But for most of us, this is a very non traditional approach to fitness. So my first thought after seeing the video was, "will real women feel comfortable doing this?" The simple answer is who knows?

If you base your answer of the success of Flirty Girl Fitness Chicago, then the answer is an astounding yes! Flirty Girl Fitness Chicago is a women only health club catering to members looking for a shift from the traditional Club. It hardly looks like a gym and really appears to be more of a women's social club more than anything else. But that is in appearance only. If you are able to look past the full liquor bar, you will find women of all shapes and sizes workout in a very comfortable environment which addresses all their fitness issues. Keep in mind that although the exercise routines are sexy, they are based on core strength training and flexibility. When you watch a DVD, and hopefully participate, there will be no mistake that you are there for a serious workout. However, the home program is designed to shake things up to ensure viewers won't get bored with their routines and this done by disguising hardcore exercise with some "soft core" choreography.

But seriously, if you're a woman who needs to loose 50lbs, 5lbs or just tone up, there is something for you within the DVD program. The instruction is thorough and you'll find yourself learning some really great dance moves. Here's how it works.

You order the program for $9.99 plus about $8 shipping and handling and receive 2 DVDs, the booty dance and chair dance, plus a bonus booklet and additional free Video Vixen DVD. Then every other month you participate in the Preview Program where you get to try out other DVDs and get free bonus gifts. This ensures you get fresh routines and never get bored. There's a full money back guarantee so you can withdraw from the preview program at any time.

The DVDs are really quite good and you can find previews if you search for them online. Personally, I feel you can get most of the fitness benefit in the first DVDs and if you are not easily bored, you might just like to learn the routines and keep doing them. There is plenty of work and dance included in every section so collecting a ton of workout routines might be overkill for some people.

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