Monday, November 2, 2009

Rejuvenate Auto Wash and Wax

Rejuvenate Auto

If you think you can pour a little dishwasher soap into a bucket and lather your car to a showroom shine, think again. Nothing on the market quite equals the special formula genius included in the amazing Rejuvenate Auto 15-minute wash product. It literally does clean, shine and restore your vehicle finish to that “wow” look that first caught your eye. A small investment in a 24-ounce bottle of Rejuvenate Auto and a quarter hour washing time is a lot cheaper than another visit to that showroom floor! You’ll clean it up with Rejuv Auto – and you’ll polish the job off quickly!

Clean Car Fast, Cheap

Dry, hot summer dust and pollen, harsh winters and seasonal storms…they all take their toll on the finish of that driveway pride and joy you were so proud of when you drove it home from the dealer. Now, help is on the way. For just $19.95 and $7.99 shipping and handling you can get enough Rejuvenate Auto to wash and shine your car every week for two months or more! Plus, you’ll also get six microfiber towels to make the job even easier. Rejuvenate Auto takes the drudgery out of car cleaning by reducing the hard work to a mere 15-minute chore. And you can get additional supplies of this product even cheaper. Everyone wants to drive a clean, shiny car, and with Rejuvenate Auto, everyone can! (via rejuvenate auto)

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