Monday, November 23, 2009

NCAA Snuggies

A collegiate snuggie is the latest way to support your school at those cold windy stadiums this fall. However, my contention is that collegiate snuggies are hideous but slightly on the fun side. If you've been living under a rock and don't know what a college snuggie, or any other of the millions of types of snuggies are then you're really missing out.

A Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. The idea of wearing a blanket around seems to be pretty cool but there's no way it can ever be considered fashionable, or could it? Last year, snuggies hit the runaway at New York's fashion week and have been the subject of video parodies and mockery ever since. But sales keep rising and new snuggies hit the market place nearly every month.

There's the Snuggie, The Custom Snuggie, Snugglette for Kids, Snuggie For Dogs and the ever ugly, Designer Snuggie. If you ask me, I'd just assume wear a bathrobe backwards and get the same effect as a blanket with sleeves. I agree that it may be cozy at home and there is utility with this garment, because you can use your arms and hands as opposed to when you are huddled under a blanket, but wearing a snuggy outside the house is nuts.

Maybe that's what's making these collegiate snuggies so popular. Let's face it, often the best way to describe fanatical NCAA football fans is, well, Nuts! Fans will do anything to support their schools and wearing a collegiate snuggie to a game is probably rather tame. I imagine showing up to Death Valley in an LSU snuggie will get you noticed and adored by the other tiger fans who wished they'd thought of it first.

Now, by this time, most snuggies can be found in local stores but where to buy collegiate snuggies is a bit more difficult. Your best bet is buying snuggies online because for one you'll be able to see if your school has a snuggie and second, you'll be able to Gage its ugliness right online before you dare to buy it.

I will admit that some collegiate snuggies are cool. I'm especially fond of the Iowa Snuggie and the University of Florida Snuggie but if you look at the USC snuggie you may go blind. I suppose if you're shopping for collegiate snuggies it's because you are a fan of, or buying for a fan of a particular school, so what it looks like won't matter much.

The bottom line on Collegiate Snuggies are that they are still snuggies so they're a bit foolish but they are flying off online shelves this season.

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