Friday, January 21, 2011

The Heat Surge Amish Fireplace

Winter Chill

Before the holidays, we went over to my wife’s mother’s condo for our regular weekly visit.  We found her sitting in the living room dressed in sweaters, coats, and covered with her hand made quilt.  Apparently, something is the matter with the ducting system in the building.  Her bedroom was absolutely toasty, but no matter how the vents were adjusted, the rest of her condo was cold.  Her unit was not the only one to have this problem...the whole building seemed to be suffering from uneven heating according to her friends who lived there.

She said she didn’t want just a typical electric floor heater because they were unsightly.  I really felt for her when she said she wished she could be back at her home where she had a fireplace.  I guess the older we get, the more remember the things that made us comfortable earlier in life. I remembered seeing an As Seen On TV commercial for the Amish Heater or Heat Surge Fireplace, and thought I’d find out more about it.

Heating With the Heat Surge

Handmade by Amish craftsmen, the Heat Surge Electric Fireplace has a beautiful real wooden mantle and the ambiance of a real fire.   It’s small, convenient and easily moveable from room to room.  It emits Infrared Heat and heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch.  For my elderly mother-in-law, I think another advantage of the Heat Surge is that it’s really safe.  Because it is externally cool, she won’t set her condo on fire if a blanket or garment falls over it, whereas this might happen with other portable electric floor heaters.

Unlike many of the other electric floor heaters on the market, the Heat Surge is aesthetically fabricated and is not an just another electric heater, and this was important to her.  The look of a real fireplace is attained with their patented "Fireless Flame" technology, which really does give the exact appearance of a real fire.  Staying warm while enjoying the relaxing ambiance of a fire without the negative aspects of a real fireplace such as fumes, smells, ashes and the mess really did appeal to her.  Additionally, the integrated thermostat will let her to set the temperature to what’s comfortable for her so she won’t have to be resetting the temperature all the time.

Happy and Warm

As a bonus Christmas gift, my wife and I ordered one for her.  Of all the gifts she opened, this brought put the biggest smile and put a twinkle in her eye.  We unpacked it, reviewed the simple directions with her, and turned it on.  The flames are really pretty, and doesn’t take up hardly any space in her condo’s small living area.  If you have a loved one, or have a room yourself that stays cold, the Heat Surge Amish fireplace may be for you too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fuel Shark Gas Saving Unit Review

The fuel shark is a simple and affordle new tool for your car that cuts cash off your gas bill. The fuel shark unit is more than meet the eye. This little gizmo plugs right into your car lighter and helps your car run better and save money on gas. Learn more by reading fuel shark reviews. Fuel shark creates a clean electrically enivroment for your car allowing it to run more smoothly and effieciently or at least that is what I have read. It all sound good to me but does it work? They say they have test it sucessfully with tens of thousands of consumers. I recently placed an order and I am looking forward to seeing what this new product has to offer for my gas guzzler. As soon as the fuel shark arrives I will fill you in. I have tried numerous things in the past but like fuel cleaners but it is so hard to tell. If you have tried the fuel shark or anything else that works please let me know I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy Meals With the Butterball Turkey Fryer and Chef Basket

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

I had always heard that frying a turkey was risky business.  Our son had one of these old fashioned turkey fryers that used boiling oil over an open flame.  Of course, he set the fryer in the middle of the back yard so that if there was an explosion or fireball, he wouldn’t burn down the neighborhood.  He did get scalded though.  When he lowered the turkey into the boiling peanut oil, he hadn’t thoroughly dried it off, so he got splattered with boiling oil.  After that, it was just a long process.  The finished turkey wasn’t really tasty as it was somewhat greasy.  When he said he was going to do it every Thanksgiving, I began to look for other alternatives to avoid the risks involved.

The Butterball Turkey Fryer has been advertised all over this year, especially on the As Seen On TV Commercials.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a flame-less, indoor countertop appliance that won’t help you celebrate the holidays by burning down your house.  Because it uses less oil (two gallons instead of three), it’s far healthier as well as safer than the original open flamed outdoor turkey fryer.  Also, the temperature is controlled by a digital timer and thermostat so that you’re able to control the cooking time and get a perfectly fried turkey every time...crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  It will fry up to a 14 pound turkey with predictable, delicious results every time.  I know because I ordered one for my son, and he did this year’s Thanksgiving turkey with it in about 45 minutes cooking time.  The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer is a great way to get a moist, perfectly cooked turkey every time.

Using The Chef Basket

As Seen On TV has some really useful and unique items.  My wife first saw the Chef Basket advertised on one of their commercials.  This is a really versatile cooking aide that’s really handy to have in the kitchen.  It’s really and ingenious colander type basket that’s collapsable, reversible and folds flat when not in use.  When you want to use it, just flip it open to the appropriate side and use for frying, steaming, boiling or par-boiling.  What makes this basket so unique is that the handles stay cool to the touch  while the basket’s in use.  So, you can take the Chef Basket full of pasta right out of the boiling water, rinse, and then pour directly into the serving dish without having to use a strainer or oven mitts.

For Thanksgiving, my wife used the Chef basket to make sweet potato fries to go with the fried Thanksgiving turkey.  Boy, were they great.  She just set the Chef Basket in the pot of boiling oil, dumped in the sweet potatoes, and fried them to a crisp golden brown.  Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it!

So, these are two of the newest and best gizmos to have if you’re looking to make your life in the kitchen easier.  They sure made our Thanksgiving dinner a treat to remember and look forward to next year!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wear Everywhere Ahh Bra

Heard of the Ahh Bra?

Everyone has their own favorite things to do in their spare time...if they can ever find spare time!   So what do you do with yours?  I exercise two or three times a week, but when it comes to just chilling out, I enjoy just lounging around watching TV.  Several weeks ago, I happened to see one of these As Seen On TV spots advertising the Ahh Bra.  I’d never heard of it before, although I’d seen Rhonda Schear, the comedienne who’s the major spokesperson for it.  She’s known for late night comedy show, Up all Night, and really gave this bra her enthusiastic endorsement.   I had really forgotten about the Ahh Bra until I saw my friend at the gym.  While we were talking, she mentioned this fantastic new bra she bought, the Ahh Bra!  Well...I Googled it when I got home, checked it out, and ordered the nude, black and white three bra package.

My Ahh Bra!

Since you've started having to wear a bra, how many styles and different brands have you tried in search of the perfectly fitting, comfortable bra?  If you’re like me, you’ve tried on an untold amount of bras in search of one that really and truly fits comfortably.  Are you part of the statistics that state that over 80% of American women are wearing the wrong size bra?  Can there be anything more uncomfortable than a bra that doesn’t fit right?

I consider myself within the range of ”normal” in the bust department, so I really shouldn’t be that hard to fit.  Yet, I definitely was a part of those statistics.  All the more reason for me to quickly try on the Ahh Bra when it arrived!  My major bra complaint has always been the shoulder straps.  I guess I don’t have enough meat on my shoulders!  The narrow straps on conventional bras always left pressure gouges and marks in my skin no matter how I tried to adjust them.   What immediately turned me on with the Ahh Bra was the wide shoulder straps.  Because the Ahh Bra is fabricated with 96% cotton and 4% spandex, the wide shoulder straps don’t apply pressure and dig in.  In fact, the pullover racerback design of the bra is incredibly comfortable all over.  The stretchy fabric does firm up my midsection a little, and the ribbing along the bottom edge helps to keep it from riding up while doing normal activities.  The fabric gives me just the right amount of support regardless of what I’m doing, and the center ruching is comfortable, and enhances my natural cleavage.

By now you know that I really do love my Ahh Bra, and the Ahh Bra Reviews have been great, too!   It’s so comfortable that it’s my everyday, all the time, go everywhere, do everything bra.  I don’t worry about bra lines, bunching or bulging because of its seamless design.  I wear it under everything, from the gym to a dressy dress. I just ordered my second set of Ahh Bras, and am telling my friends about it as well!   But I really enjoy its comfort around the house.  Remember I mentioned just lounging and watching TV?  You can’t get too much of a good thing!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Discovering the Wonder File Organizer

Are You Organized?

Getting it all together and developing organizational skills is a really tough thing to do in today’s go-go world.  Getting organized and staying that way almost impossible.  It seems like there’s too many things to do each day, and not enough time to get everything accomplished.  To come home every day from a hard day at the office or other places of employment, and then have to sit down to a cluttered table to try and sort through bills and receipts that you want to keep, just is a task that no one looks forward to.  If you’re reading this, am I talking about you?

A Look at the Wonder File Organizer

The Thanksgiving Holiday was a great TV watching time for me.  That’s when I first saw the Wonder File on an As Seen On TV commercial.  In case you haven’t seen one of these, the Wonder File Organizer is a desktop, fold-up, portable organizer that fits neatly into a drawer or on a shelf when you’re done with it.  What I first noticed was how much stuff, i.e., clutter and paper, you could store away in the Wonder File and easily get to later when you needed it. 

When you unfold the rectangular Wonder File, the first thing you will notice is the clear vinyl sleeves on each of the four corners.  These clear sleeves make papers, receipts, bills or any other documents readily visible and easy to retrieve.  Meanwhile, these items are  neatly stored flat and organized so they’re at your finger tips when you need them.  Then, there are other vinyl storage compartments; two about the size of large #10 envelopes for keeping pens, pencils, paper clips and other loose items that are never around when you need them.  Then, in the center, there’s an enclosed storage area large enough to store a laptop computer or note pads.  If you’re doing your bills or working with your checkbook, then all you have top do is open up your Wonder File Organizer and everything is right there...all at the same time.  No more searching for pencils and erasers or going through stacks of paper trying to find that bill you neglected to pay last week.  For secure or hidden storage, there’s a zippered compartment underneath the bottom edge that will keep your private papers out of sight.

Using the Wonder File

You really can get carried away with the As Seen On TV ordering process, but I did take advantage of their offer and got two of them.  I kept one for me to get myself organized and gave the other one to my son who cannot keep track of his school work, papers and assignments.  My wife loves the fact that I bought it because she can now see the top of the dining room table because I have tidied up and stored what I needed to keep in the Wonder File Organizer.  It took some doing to get my son in the habit of using his Wonder File for his homework assignments and other projects.  But now that he’s using it on a regular basis, he’s become much more organized over all, even picking up his room!

If you know of anyone whose organizational skills could use some help, then the Wonder File would make a terrific gift.  They will definitely be able to save time by using it, and will really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Chef Basket the Ultimate Kitchen Tool

The Chef Basket is a multi-functional kitchen tool that makes your work quick and easy. This flexible basket makes cooking, boiling, or deep frying foods a cinch. Plus it’s safer than regular pots that have handles which burn your hands. Even with boiling water or hot oil, this specially designed wire basket has handles that stay cool to the touch. The Basket that Flips, Expands and Collapses Imagine going from the pot to the plate with hot pasta or taking rinsed food from the sink to the pot in one easy motion? No more pouring boiling water into a colander or placing clean vegetables on a cutting board or other bowl just to take to the pot.

This cooking wonder makes cooking pasta, hard boiled eggs, veggies, and even fry’s your food easily. Invert the Chef Basket and it turns into the ultimate steamer that keeps food being steamed well above water. Flip down the handles and it’s a free standing colander. Best of all, it folds flat for easy storage anywhere. Replace All Your Old Bulky Strainers and Colanders It is another amazing kitchen gadget to make your life easier. However, when you open your cabinets to find a place for it, all your other wonderful tools come piling out. You just don’t have the room for something else, right? Well, how about being able to get rid of four or five of those unneeded tools? The Chef Basket adjusts to be a strainer, cooker, steamer and colander, plus it stores completely flat so you can actually fit it into a drawer! It’s a new year, find the freedom in purging the old and begin to cook more safely while you enjoy the versatility of the Chef Basket.