Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Emery Cat Board

Emery Cat

The wildly popular Emery Cat is getting a marketing boost. I'm not even sure that Emery Cat needed any help because I the product everywhere!

Allstar Products Group is behind the new campaign which I expect to see starting next week during National Pet Week. One thing I have learned since I became addicted to As Seen On TV items, and their silly commercials, is that people love to buy stuff for their pets.

The As Seen On TV pets market is loaded with products and they keep on coming. Just this year alone we've seen the Dog-E-Minder, Bark Off, Snuggie for Dogs and the list goes on and on. So it's no surprise that Emery Cat is a huge hit and I expect it they'll be selling them by the truck load.

I've heard complaints regarding over charging on the official Emery Cat website, but I've also read in forums that the problem was addressed and corrected. But, when ordering any product online pay attention to what you are doing. The Emery Cat is a buy one get one free offer so a lot of people probably check off 2 instead of 1 on the order form. That's the most likely source of the problem so be careful.

I happen to think the Emery Cat is great for any cat who will actually use it. Some cats take to it immediately because of the catnip infused surface, but others don't seem to care. If your cat is one who is drawn to the Emery Cat, then you'll be happy with awesome little scratching board.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emery Cat Gets Marketing Push

Emery Cat

Emery Cat Scratcher
The Emery Cat Scratching Board received a major marketing push today. All Star Products Group is heading up the new campaign and timing it just right to coincide with National Pet Week in May. This is great news for both the Emery Cat and Cat lovers everywhere.

The Emery Cat is already enjoying massive popularity with it's campy As Seen On TV commercial and the buzz the product has been creating online for months now. Sales are impressive, but with All Star's participation we might be looking at the product of the year!

"We created Emery Cat™ Board as a safe, healthy grooming option for the approximately 90 million households with cats nationwide," said Anne Flynn, Vice President of Marketing for Allstar Products Group. "At Allstar, we are dedicated to designing pet products that solve significant consumer problems at an affordable price." (Press Release)

So we'll have to wait and see if the Emery Cat will solve the cat problems Allstar Products Group is in the business to solve but I think they have a pretty good shot. Some of these As Seen On TV Items are genius.

Where To Buy Emery Cat

If you are looking to buy Emery Cat, here are a few places I've run into online.

Emery Cat - Amazing Products

Emery Cat - As Seen On TV Headquarters

Monday, April 26, 2010

NASCAR Works Out with AB Circle Pro

Brendan GaughanImage by Valli_Hilaire via Flickr
The Ab Circle Pro made some big news late last week with its entry into NASCAR. I'm not sure if this is an As Seen On TV Fitness first but it sure is interesting. The amount of press it's receiving tells me that someone had a brilliant idea but I can't tell if it was NASCAR or the Ab Circle Pro brain trust. We'll have to see how that one shakes out but at least one driver is gonna have a set of 6 pack abs on his side during the race. He's gonna use the Ab Circle right?

Check out what Yahoo had to say about it.

The Ab Circle Pro is now a NASCAR sponsor

By Nick Bromberg

You may be familiar with the Ab Circle Pro from late night cable or satellite infomercials. You can try the Ab Circle Pro for just $14.95 (plus shipping and handling) for 30 days, and if you don't lose 10 pounds in the first two weeks, you can get your money back, guaranteed!

Ok, I felt dirty typing that. Anyway, the Ab Circle Pro is dipping it's toes into the NASCAR sponsorship waters, announcing that they will sponsor Brendan Gaughan's no. 62 Rusty Wallace Racing Toyota at the Nationwide race in Charlotte.wide race in Charlotte. (Read Full Article on Yahoo )
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Monday, April 19, 2010


AppleCore - Official Site -
In the age of technology, countless cords are a necessity to power and up and charge our computers, cell phones, mp3 players and other gadgets. But let's face it, all of these wires can be a hassle. And untangling the mess of cords in your bathroom can get your day off to a rocky start.

But you don't have to get your wires crossed! Simply wrap any cord or wire around the AppleCore and pull the sides to lock tight. It's a fast and easy way to organize your life. Your room will instantly go from clutter to clean!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guardian Alert 911

Guardian Alert 911 - No Contracts, No Monthly Fees!

Costly set up fees, contracts, and monthly charges most often come with emergency response systems. One of the huge advantages of Guardian Alert 911 is you have none of these costs. You buy it, you own it, and it is yours forever without digging into your pocket for those extra charges. It can be a savings of thousands! The anxiety of living alone and fearing loss of contact because of sickness or accident is largely avoided by Guardian Alert 911. Keeping this marvelous product handy is almost like carrying 911 around on your wrist. No numbers to dial, just the push of a button and you are connected to the emergency operator. Since it is splash resistant, you can even take it with you into the shower.
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Jump Snap

Featured in People Magazine, Weight Watchers and The Today Show, JumpSnap is taking the fitness world by storm. It is a well known fact in the fitness industry that one of the most effective forms of exercise is jumping rope. However, constant starting and stopping quickly hamper the effectiveness of jumping rope. That is the brilliance of JumpSnap: no more stopping and starting or tripping on a rope. Simply start your routine and the pounds will fall off.

JumpSnap is the amazing ropeless jump rope that engages all of your major muscle groups and helps you to burn calories faster than ever before. It is perfect for all fitness levels and allows you to lose weight and tone up faster than more traditional methods. For just $39.95 plus S&H, you can jump of the pounds in a snap!  (via Jump Snap - Amazing Products)

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