Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfect Punch MMA Reistance Training System

Looking for an effective at-home workout that will give you the body and stamina of a professional athlete? Then look no further than Jay Glazer's Perfect Punch. This incredible system is the ultimate fat-furning workout that will help you punch your way to a perfect body in just a few minutes each day. Order Perfect Punch now and receive Perfect Punch training gloves, Jay Glazer's Pro MMA Workout DVD and an Xtra Advanced resistance band for just $29.99 plus shipping and processing!

Burn Fat and Get Ripped with Perfect Punch!

The idea behind the Perfect Punch program is that the resistance training helps you to develop speed technique and explosive power that will amaze you.  The heavy duty bands allow you the full benefits of Perfect Punch's Progressive Resistance Technology which allows you to toughen the resistance as you practice the striking motion. This ultimately makes you stronger and faster without the expense of having to hire a personal trainer or join a gym.

Punch Your Way to a Perfect Body!

Perfect Punch training gloves also feature a Form Feedback Strip on them which give you instant feedback so that you can insure you are using perfect technique. In addition, the comfort foam-plus elastic chest strap keeps the band in place on even the hardest punches so that you don't have slow down or break your rhythm. The MMA athletes that Jay Glazer has trained using this program swear by Perfect Punch and say that it is the ultimate way to burn fat and get ripped!


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Hard Water Wand New As Seen On TV Scrubber

Hard Water Wand As Seen on TV

The Hard Water Wand As Seen on TV by Anthony Sullivan will make stubborn, embarrassing toilet stains disappear like hard water wandmagic!  The secret is the imported volcanic pumice stone that is tough on stains but super gentle on porcelain.  The extended reach comfort handle means you never have to touch the dirty water. Hardwater Wand will remove tough stains like calcium, lime, rust and hardwater.






Order Now and Get 2 Hard Water Wands PLUS 2 self-stick hanging hooks all for just $9.99.  This exclusive offer is not available in stores.  (A $25 value!)   Buy one for you and give one to a friend, or keep one in each bathroom.  Take advantage of this offer and order now! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dress Up Your Credit To Get A Business Loan

It is fairly common knowledge that excessive inquiries on a credit report will have a negative impact on one’s credit.  But there is a widespread misconception as to why the inquiries are considered negative, especially as it relates to the business loans underwriting process.

The universal belief is that each inquiry causes a small one to two point reduction in the FICO and thus, having a large number of inquiries will result in a significant aggregate point reduction.  Although true to some extent, most times when individuals have their credit accessed frequently in a short period of time, it is as a result of shopping for the best rate for an automobile or home loan.  In these cases, such “same industry pulls” as they relate to the FICO score will only count as one pull.  Several years ago, Congress passed a bill that required the credit bureaus to recognize that just because a consumer was shopping for the best rate on a large ticket item, they should not be penalized for being financially responsible and searching for the best deal possbile.  As such, most debt instruments will not decline an application due to excessive inquiries, however, this is far from the case regarding business loans, especially unsecured business loans.

In the unsecured business loans underwriting process inquiries are examined on two levels: amount and type.

  • Amount – The number of inquiries on a potential applicant’s credit report are an important factor in underwriting business loans as it typically demonstrates just how much “shopping” for credit that person has done before submitting the most recent application.  Business loan underwriters detest inquiries because they represent hidden financial landmines.  Each prior inquiry means that the applicant has applied for credit with other lending institutions, therefore, there is simply no way the underwriter can determine which of those inquiries will ultimately become new debt on the applicant’s credit over the next several weeks.  Due to the fact that new accounts typically take 30-60 days to begin reporting, inquiries create an unknown variable in the business loan underwriting process that will cause applications to be declined.

Seed Capital maintains a database of all business loan lenders in the nation and understands what bureau each bank will pull and what each bank’s individual inquiry threshold guideline is before it will decline for excessive credit reviews.  This allows Seed Capital to assist its clients in designing a methodical and surgical business loan application strategies taking into consideration exactly what banks and order in which to apply.  This is one of the key contributors to the 98% successful business loan approval rate for clients that utilize Seed Capital’s business loan application consulting.

  • Type – In the business loans underwriting process, just as important as the number of inquiries of a potential applicant are the types of inquiries.  Obviously if an applicant has a large number of car loan or mortgage pulls, that will typically not spook a business loan underwriter as it is a reasonable assumption that the individual was shopping for the best rate and those inquiries most likely will result in a new car or home loan which are considered extremely low risk debt.  However, due to the fact that most initial underwriting is done by a computer application, these digital underwriters will not take into account the type of inquiries, only the sheer number.  Therefore, regardless of the reasons for the inquiries, a computer will decline systematically if a certain threshold is reached.  This is why it is extremely important in understanding how to have the application reviewed by a human business loan underwriter whom can override the computer’s decision should the inquiries be for non-unsecured debt instruments.

On the other hand, once a human underwriter reviews the credit and sees numerous inquiries for unsecured business loans or unsecured credit in general, that will weigh heavily on the underwriting decision for a business loan.  Banks are highly fearful of being the last lender to the party.  The last thing a business loan underwriter wants to do is grant another $20,000 approval when the applicant has already been approved for another $100,000 that is not yet reporting to the applicant’s credit report.  This is why underwriters will systematically decline a business loan application for too many recent inquiries and tell the application to reapply for the business loan in 6 months; the safe time period to allow any new credit to start reporting and to make sure the applicant will not overextend themselves with that new credit.

Inquiries are the very reason you have one shot at designing a systematic business loan application strategy.  All too often we have clients come to us that have tried to apply for business loans on their own without the in-depth knowledge of managing inquiries that Seed Capital offers.  And like clockwork, these clients have racked up numerous inquiries and been declined for a majority of their business loan applications.  At that point all we can do is tell them the same thing the underwriters have been telling them; “try again in 6 months.”  Don’t make the mistake of fooling yourself you can navigate the unbelievably complex world of business loans with the same degree of achievement as Seed Capital with its unparalleled understanding of the business loan underwriting world.  Put your faith in Seed Capital and we will guarantee your business loan results with a 98% success rate.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mighty Bite: The Best Fishing Lure System Around

Mighty Bite - The Best Fishing Lure System Around!

If you or someone you know likes to spend their leisure time fishing, then you have to immediately get the Mighty Bite fishing lure system. It is not available in stores and you can only purchase it through this special internet offer. And for a limited time, you can get the 100-piece Mighty Bite Fishing Lure System for just $19.95. As a special bonus, you will also receive Jeff Mancini's exclsuive EZ Fishing Guide for FREE.
Mighty Bite is the Future of Fishing

The amazing Mighty Bite fishing lure is designed to work for all predatory fish and is the only lure that looks, sounds, tastes, moves and smells like a wounded batifish. It features an incredible spasmic action that gets fish to strike and strike often giving you the best possible chances for a successful fishing adventure. It also creates a powerful scent trail that will lure the fish right to you.
The Only Proven 5-Sense Fishing Lure

Mighty Bite is the only fishing lure on the market that appeals to all five senses - sight, sound, smell, feel and taste. This makes it almost impossible for fish to ingore the only lure that swinms like a wounded bait faish. In addition, it has a unique bite-mark design and features an awesome 3D hologram design. Jeff Mancini, the designer of Mighty Bite, is so sure that you will be happy with the Mighty Bite that he offers a full 90-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked!

The Mighty Bite package includes:

    10 Mighty Bite™ Lures
    12 Adjustable Mighty Bite™ Fins
    12 Rattles that "Sounds the Dinner Bell"
    12 Unique Mighty Bite™ Scent Sticks
    PLUS Weed Guards, Popper and Tail Weights,
    No-Miss Deadly Treble Hook

Potty Patch: Let Your Pet Go When He Needs To!

Potty Patch - Let Your Pet Go When He Needs To!

Man's best friend is much like man himself....when you gotta go, you gotta go! Don't make your pet miserable and don't dread coming home to a mess. Just pick up a Potty Patch indoor pet potty pad and say goodbye to unwanted and unnecesary messes. The gadget is designed to give your pet a comfortable and sanitary place to go to the bathroom when they just can't make it outside. Order the Pet Potty today for just $39.99 and upgrade to the super plush anti-microbial grass with double blades.
Potty Patch is the Perfect Indoor Pet Potty

Made up of three tiers, the Potty Patch is perfect for apartment dwellers or people who live in the urban jungle. The first tier is made of a soft, artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow freely through it. The second tier is a grate that keeps the grass dry and suspended above the liquid. And finally the third tier is the collection tray which can hold up to a gallon of liquid which allows for your pet to be able to use it multiple times before it needs to be cleaned.
Great Pet Training Tool
The Potty Patch is endorsed by the American Kennel Club and is perfect for patios and indoor use. It is a great tool to use for potty training puppies and you will find that it has never been easier to housebreak a pet. In addition, it is so easy to clean - simply rinse it with warm soapy water, and within minutes it is ready for your pet to use again!

Poof Comb: Get High Fashion Hair

Poof Comb - Get High Fashion Hair
Beauty - Hair

Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to hair that has that high-fashion volume and style that makes you look like you just stepped out of the salon. The amazing new Poof Comb is so easy to use and it will give you the lift you are looking for without having to wear something uncomfortable in your hair. Order the Poof Comb today for just $10 plus shipping and handling, and you will also get the Mini Poof Comb, an additional set of Poof Combs and a 5X lighted compact mirror absolutley free.
Get Show-Stopping Styles with the Poof Comb

The secret to the Poof Comb is all in the design. The teeth are triangular and extra long which funnels hair safely, creting a cushion of hair at the root which will add inches to any style. The Poof Comb comes in two sizes - the regular size with standard 4-inch teeth and the mini which has shorter teeth and is perfect for layered looks, feathered bangs or shorter styles. It is so versatile that it will quickly become a must-have for your daily beauty regimen.
Add Volume to Hair Instantly!

Until now, adding volume to your hair meant using a lot of hairspray and products that look and feel tacky. Now with Poof Comb, you can instantly add volume to your hair just by using the great styling device. Simply pull the Poof Comb through your hair, and watch as your hair gets an instant cushion at the root that stays put. No more using hairspray until you can't breathe! The Poof Comb - it's like magic!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Heeldini Foot Scrubber


Heeldini Reviews

Heeldini Reviews: As Seen On TV Foot Scrubber

My wife seems to order these TV things by the ton and while some are terrific, most are just a waste of money.  But let's face it, infomercials get our attention and all the products look great on television.  So would this Heeldini turn out to be any different from the others?

So when I had the Heeldini sitting right there in front of me I had to open it up and give it a shot.  If this was the latest and greatest foot scrubber to hit the market, then so be it.  We all need to exfoliate, especially in the Winter months, and contrary to popular belief, heel creams just don't do it.

This has always bugged me.  By the time you realize you have a dry skin problem on your heels, it is too late to smother the area with creams and get results.  Dry skin is dead skin, and unsightly dry skin just means there is more of it about.  Regardless of the cause, trying to rehydrate dead skin will never work and makes no sense.  The answer is to remove the dead skin and reveal the healthy vibrant skin beneath.  It not only looks nicer but can help prevent many of the skin afflictions we all complain about.

Chemical exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin for sufferers of chronic conditions. But it is drastic and expensive and most of us do not require such a procedure.  Just finding a simple, yet effective, to exfoliate will be sufficient for 99% of the population.  So what does the Heeldini do?

The secret is volcanic pumice which will gently remove dead skin and reveal the healthy skin below.  With Heeldini, all you need to do is a little bit of light scrubbing and your done.  The handle is long enough to reach the bottoms of your feet without bending down so it easy and safe to use in the shower.  It is well built and the pumice stone will not break off and will actually last quite a long time.  There really isn't much more to it and that may be the best part.

Real Heeldini Reviews should be short and sweet because there isn't that much to say. It delivers on everything promised in the ad and does so at a reasonable price.  I can't imagine that using creams and lotions would make any more sense than using Heeldini so I would have to say that I'm impressed.  Unless you have some type of severe skin problem requiring medical attention, Heeldini should be all you need to keep your dry skin nice and smooth.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Heeldini - Treat Your Feet!

As you get ready for sandal season, don't forget to pamper your feet and make sure that they are ready for their close up! The Heeldini is a great new foot tool that is designed to give you smooth, sexy feet in no time. For a limited time, when you order online, you will get two Heeldini's and 2 Bonus Shower Hooks for just $9.99 plus shipping and processing. That's a $25 value for less than $10!

Treat Your Feet with Heeldini

Designed with an extended reach comfort handle, the Heeldini soothese rough heels, calloused toes and sore arches and soles. It works best wet in the shower or tub and can be used easily without having to bend over or pull your foot up. You won't have to worry about holding a pumice stone and keeping your balance on one leg! And after you start using the Heeldini, you will be amazed how quickly your heels go from dry and cracked to smooth and soft.

Exfoliate Rough Skin with the Heeldini!

Made with imported volcanic pumice, Heeldini exfoliates rough foot skin in no time to make silky smooth skin. It has been proven that pumice is the best and healthiest way to keep your feet smooth and silky, and the Heeldini formula is a winner. Just use the Heeldini for one week and you will instantly see the difference in your feet. Callouses and dry skin are not healthy for your feet and are often ignored by people who just don't know how to get rid of them. Now the Heeldini makes that job easy, simple and safe!


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Seed Capital Reviews

Seed Capital Reviews

So how do you get an As Seen On TV product to market without any money? The answer is Seed Capital in Henderson, Nevada.  In fact, Seed Capital helps all types of start ups arrange financing.  Here's what "they're" saying:

We have sent a number of franchisees to Seed Capital over the past year. As everybody knows, times are tough, and even those that would have easily qualified for business loans in the past have been having challenges going through conventional financing and dealing with the traditional banking system. Seed Capital has been the exception. The feedback that we receive from our owners that have used them has been extremely positive. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they provide results. Very often I receive calls with updates on all of my clients, which simply does not happen with other lenders. I would recommend Seed Cap to anybody that is looking for a quick, economical and viable way to acquire business loans.

Adam Blake
VP of Franchise Development
The Filta Group Inc

After not being able to get into a franchise due to a competitive bid, I did not loose hope in starting or expanding my business.

When I moved to Florida with the Real Estate prices low as they were, I took advantage of Seed Capital. What banks could not do I could count on Seed Cap to get the business loans I needed to expand. If it were not for Seed Cap we would be wondering how do we get financing.

The customer service and the partnership with Seed Capital has been invaluable.

Anyone wanting to start a business and have no options, please trust in Seed Cap as they know what they are doing.

Thank you,
Mike Hanson

Seed Capital is a Better Business Bureau accredited company based in Henderson, Nevada. The company offers entrepreneurs a unique method of securing the funding needed today and assisting in building superb business credit for future working capital needs. Seed provides the industry's most complete service guarantee; if a client does not receive at least $50,000 in cash credit lines, they do not pay a single cent.

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