Monday, November 23, 2009

Bottle Tops As Seen On TV

Bottle Tops have come along to restore my faith in the genius of As Seen On TV products. Not that I had a whole lot of faith there in the first place but I know we all hope that As Seen On TV products are really as good as advertised. It just seems like they never quite live up to their billing. Well, at least until Bottle Tops.

I read a Bottle Tops review online and didn't quite understand what all the hype was about. Who cares about turning my can into a bottle? But then I watched the attached commercial and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm the one that cares.

My family uses a lot of cans and tends to leave them around the house half filled. It's always been a bit of a challenge to drink the entire can before the soda goes flat, and frankly I'd given up. I like the taste of soda from a can as opposed to a 2 liter bottle. The flavor seems more crisp. I have resorted to trying those tiny little cans, but they are so expensive compared to the regular size you might as well just be wasteful and dump out what you don't drink.

It never occurred to me that what I was missing was simply a way to reseal my can to preserve the fizz. The idea is simple and some inventor somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank right now. All you do is pop the tab on your can and snap the bottle top in place. Then you can re-close the "bottle" anytime you want to save your fizz.

Bottle Tops are a bit more functional than what I've described so far. They also make cans more portable. I never really noticed how many energy drinks come in cans but it makes no sense. If I want an energy drink it's not so I can sip it on the couch. I want to be able to take it along on a hike, a bike ride or on a long car trip and if it were in a bottle It would make life a lot easier. Once you open one of these cans it's not like you can put it back in your fanny pack for later.

So as usual, the As Seen On TV guys zeroed in on a problem that needed solving and provided a fun and inexpensive solution. Sure it's sold as the latest and greatest product you can't live without but this one makes sense. Bottle Tops keeps your drinks fresh, keeps the kids from spilling them and makes them easier to take with you. I'm not sure if you can buy bottle tops in stores or just online but either way, I think this product will be worth trying.

Read more about Bottle Tops and watch the Bottle Tops Commercial online.

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