Monday, November 23, 2009

Ab Circle Pro Review

The first time I saw the Ab Circle Pro it was actually in the free weight section of my gym. I had no idea what it was and it looked a bit intimidating so I kept my eyes peeled to see if someone might jump on and give it a whirl. There is nothing more embarrassing than being in a gym filled with muscle heads and using fitness equipment the wrong way.

Nobody got on it that day and I still really had no idea what the device did. Then I saw it on TV. I was surprised that As Seen On TV stuff had found its way into my Gym because most of those products seem to be, well you know, worthless. But, I watched the ab circle pro commercial and watched fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee explain how it worked and I was getting psyched to hit the gym and try it out.

The problem with ab workouts has always been that they are really hard and seem to have very little payoff. Most of us do sit ups and crunches until we can no longer move yet we are still flabby and continuously disappointed. To tell you the truth, my ab workouts are the shortest part of my exercise routine. My stomach is probably the part of my body needing the most work yet I rarely spend adequate time addressing my issues here. But the ab circle pro seemed to elliminate the issues which were keeping me from a quality ab workout.

The ab circle pro supposedly combines cardio with core strength training to provide a "double whammy" while it targets your ab muscles. That's all fine and good I suppose as long as it's easier to do than most of the traditional ab exercises which don't do a whole lot. My gym has an entire row of odd looking machines that sit empty because members are not compelled to use them. If they worked, I'm assuming there would be a line to get to them.

The most intriguing thing about the ab circle was the fact that it was supposed to be easy. If I could get an ab workout that yielded just minor results, it would be worth it if it was easy to do. No Pain Plenty of Gain is not a bad motto. So when I went back to the gym I jumped on the thing and was not intimidated because I paid attention to the commercial. You can even find some nice Ab Circle Pro Videos online which show you exactly how to use the machine with confidence.

Once on the machine I realized it was very easy to do. It is just a matter of using your body's own gravity to glide up and down and create a burn in the core muscle group. After about 20 seconds you will feel it and you will feel like you are doing something positive for your body. I would like to point out that in the ab circle pro commercial there were bodies that actually shrank which implied using the Ab Circle will get you in great shape, but It's clear to me that this is just a small part of a complete body workout. If you just use ab circle pro as instructed in the video you will not get in great shape. However, if you follow the instructions and make it a small part of your workout, your abs will be taken care of without the need for sit ups and crunches.

Keep in mind that I didn't buy ab circle pro for my review. I simply used the one which was already at my gym. I cannot be sure it's worth the money unless you seriously intend on using it.

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