Saturday, November 28, 2009

Power Stain Lifter

Power StainLifter - The Power of Arm & Hammer Clean

No job is too hard for this tool! No more needing two different products to eliminate pet stains smelling up your house. And this amazing stain remover is so easy to use. Just spray, push the button to activate and blot with a towel. No more pre-treating or rinsing your carpet. The pulsating brush, with its combined fighting agents, does all the work. Arm&Hammer® Plus OxiClean® Power Stainlifter is proven to permanently remove the harshest stains and odors without you having to work hard. It quickly does away with carpet stains like chocolate, coffee, cola, fruit juice, ketchup, red wine, food grease, oil, ink, magic marker and blood! (via Power Stainlifter - Amazing Products)

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