Monday, February 22, 2010

Sticky Pals and Sticky Toons

Sticky Pals - Put Your Favorites on the Wall

The adhesive quality of Sticky Pals is unlike any other cling or vinyl product available today. Your special artworks looks as if it was painted directly on your wall. Stick it wherever you want it. And, if where you want isn’t where you THOUGHT you wanted it, just peel it up and stick it somewhere else! You can order your Sticky Pals with the background intact, but you’re entitled to change your mind about this, too. You can cut the background away from the person or object in the photo, or you can order them to be expertly cut out when they are processed. Putting up your new Sticky Pals wall graphic is quick and easy, and no special tools are required. The adhesive is specifically designed to be strong enough to hold the Sticky Pals firmly in place, but safe enough for common surfaces like wallpaper, paint and other finishes.

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