Monday, February 8, 2010

The Perfect Fit Button

Perfect Fit Button - Perfect Fitting Pants with these Buttons

It’s so simple. Just attach the Perfect Fit Button on the waist band of your favorite pants, and secure it with the specially designed lock tight cap. Your jeans fit perfectly, hold tight, and no one will ever know. When you want to remove the Button, just squeeze the fastener and take it off. The Button also works on skirts and dresses. Are you in the process of losing weight? Just pop the Button on the other side to tighten your pants.

And best of all, there’s no sewing necessary. No struggling to thread a needle, or find a sewing kit. How many times have you sewn on a button only to discover you’ve sewn it onto the wrong spot? The Perfect Fit Button does just that… it fits perfectly where ever you put it. And if you need to move it slightly to one side or the other, it’s no problem. Simply pop it off and make your adjustment. You won’t find an easier way to replace a lost button.

The Perfect Fit Button is the ideal solution for the pregnant woman who doesn’t want to invest in maternity clothing, the dieter who knows they won’t stay in those in between sizes for long, and kids and teens that seem to outgrow their clothes as quickly as you buy them.

The average adult fluctuates between two or three sizes. The Perfect Fit Button allows you to maintain your current wardrobe without the hassle and expense of having to invest in new clothing when you gain or lose those few extra pounds. Let Perfect Fit tailor your favorite suit. Just slip on your belt and it’s totally invisible. It’s like having a tailor at your fingertips without the high cost.

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