Thursday, February 11, 2010

As Seen On TV Perfect Fit Button

Perfect Fit Button - Instantly Adjust Waistbands

Anyone can use Perfect Fit Buttons on their clothes – even kids -- because they just couldn’t be any easier. Just pierce the fabric with the shaft of the Perfect Fit Button, snap the special lock fastener on the back . . . and give a huge sigh of relief. Your pants, skirt or suit suddenly fit perfectly, with no pinch and no bag. When you’re ready to remove the Perfect Fit Button, just squeeze the back and pop off the button and shaft. An instant fix on denim and other medium weight fabric, and it also works perfectly on corduroy, suede and leather.

There’s never been anything like the innovative Perfect Fit Button available, and it’s really too bad it wasn’t around years ago. Think of the time you’ve wasted being miserable, lying on the bed trying desperately to fasten your pants. Perfect Fit Button makes your pants, jeans, or skirts fit perfectly every day, all the time. Whether you've put on a few pounds or have recently lost weight, just attach this adjustable, removable button to gain a perfect fit.

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