Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfect Punch: Here's The Trick For Success

I have had my Perfect Punch for about a week and I do like it but it took me a few tries to get it right.  First I want to say that I've been punching a punching for some time. I really was never sure if I was doing it right because there was nobody there to teach me.  After using the perfect punch I realize that I wasn't using the proper technique and it led to some dull pain in my left wrist. I punched my way through it for the most part, but I have taken a break from my punching bag routine.

Instead, I thought I would work on my speed and power while I healed up a bit.  I love the mma gloves and the whole contraption is well made but I could not get the chest strap closed.  The directions say to put on the gloves and lower the resistance band behind you, but when I did that I couldn't grab the ends of the chest strap to fasten them. I was like a dog chasing his tail. It was pretty frustrating but I found a solution.

To get the chest strap secured I put on the gloves as directed and lowered the resistance band behind my head. But, I kept going. I lowered the band down my back until it was behind my knees.  I then closed my knees together and could easily grab the chest strap ends easily with my gloved hands.  Then I just pulled the fastened strap up into position on the chest.

I've since learned that I could just glove up, touch my hands to the ground, step in front of the resistance band and fasten.  Then it is just a matter sliding the perfect punch up from my heels into place. It is really easy to strap in this way and I suggest this method for other users.  There is a huge difference using the punch with the chest strap fastened as opposed to leaving it dangling. It really keeps the whole system in place while your punching.

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