Saturday, February 5, 2011

MMA Training With Jay Glazer

The perfect punch is my latest entry in my reviews on As Seen On TV items that work. This is a rare pleasure to find things advertised on infomercials that actually live up to their own hype, especially when it comes to fitness products.

I'm pretty thrilled about Jay Glazer's perfect Punch . This is one of the latest fitness products on the market, & it is really something. First, when I saw it, it just so cool. Mixed Martial Arts is the hottest games on the earth these days & the gear associated with a fighter who just exudes coolness. Every man in the world secretly wants to fight for they admit it or not, & as far as I know that this is the first product that works on punching technique.

This isn't one of those silly ab products which promise total fitness without lifting weights, this product combines shadow boxing with progressive resistance training to improve hitting technique while creating more speed & power. So basically, it might be a good workout. But there is no denying that it looks like the commercial, this isn't 1 to sit still & get in shape systems. You'll be working!

This is precisely  why the Perfect Punch is in the as seen on TV products that work column, because there is no promise that this product will do the work for you. When you use it you will punch yourself to the edge of exhaustion if you continue.

Just in case you have'nt seen the product advertised on TV, here is a description. It consists of high quality MMA training, 2 resistance bands a mixed martial arts training video made by Fitness Celebrity Jay Glazer. This is basic & easy to use, making it even more attractive. But does it work? How do I know? I am not a professional fighter. But I'm a person who wants to get into shape.

The Perfect Punch was created by Jay Glazer that an MMA trainer in addition to its rights to broadcast Fox Sports, was approved by MMA Fighter Dan Henderson I've no real evidence that a user will have a better fighter for so much technique, strength & speed. Only time will tell if more soldiers are used. "But, based on a normal person looking for a good workout, I can say without a doubt, this works.

From the first time you glove up & start punching you can feel the burn in your shoulders & arms. After a minute or two, you are totally wiped out. It's unbelievable that real warriors have three min rounds because it's extremely difficult to keep striking for this period.

The more time you spend the perfect punch, the stronger you get. The progressive resistance of some kind is responsible for this & is also responsible for increasing speed. Feedback form is a strip on each glove that lets you know if your technique needs work. DVD is good enough to keep you motivated & gives a great workout routine for all levels. So in my opinion the perfect Punch system has it all. Simple, effective & fun. I smell 1 that can be seen on the TV smash hit that'll probably go over to the shops, but again, only time will tell.



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