Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jump Snap

Featured in People Magazine, Weight Watchers and The Today Show, JumpSnap is taking the fitness world by storm. It is a well known fact in the fitness industry that one of the most effective forms of exercise is jumping rope. However, constant starting and stopping quickly hamper the effectiveness of jumping rope. That is the brilliance of JumpSnap: no more stopping and starting or tripping on a rope. Simply start your routine and the pounds will fall off.

JumpSnap is the amazing ropeless jump rope that engages all of your major muscle groups and helps you to burn calories faster than ever before. It is perfect for all fitness levels and allows you to lose weight and tone up faster than more traditional methods. For just $39.95 plus S&H, you can jump of the pounds in a snap!  (via Jump Snap - Amazing Products)

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