Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emery Cat Gets Marketing Push

Emery Cat

Emery Cat Scratcher
The Emery Cat Scratching Board received a major marketing push today. All Star Products Group is heading up the new campaign and timing it just right to coincide with National Pet Week in May. This is great news for both the Emery Cat and Cat lovers everywhere.

The Emery Cat is already enjoying massive popularity with it's campy As Seen On TV commercial and the buzz the product has been creating online for months now. Sales are impressive, but with All Star's participation we might be looking at the product of the year!

"We created Emery Cat™ Board as a safe, healthy grooming option for the approximately 90 million households with cats nationwide," said Anne Flynn, Vice President of Marketing for Allstar Products Group. "At Allstar, we are dedicated to designing pet products that solve significant consumer problems at an affordable price." (Press Release)

So we'll have to wait and see if the Emery Cat will solve the cat problems Allstar Products Group is in the business to solve but I think they have a pretty good shot. Some of these As Seen On TV Items are genius.

Where To Buy Emery Cat

If you are looking to buy Emery Cat, here are a few places I've run into online.

Emery Cat - Amazing Products

Emery Cat - As Seen On TV Headquarters

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