Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seed Capital Reviews

Seed Capital Reviews

So how do you get an As Seen On TV product to market without any money? The answer is Seed Capital in Henderson, Nevada.  In fact, Seed Capital helps all types of start ups arrange financing.  Here's what "they're" saying:

We have sent a number of franchisees to Seed Capital over the past year. As everybody knows, times are tough, and even those that would have easily qualified for business loans in the past have been having challenges going through conventional financing and dealing with the traditional banking system. Seed Capital has been the exception. The feedback that we receive from our owners that have used them has been extremely positive. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they provide results. Very often I receive calls with updates on all of my clients, which simply does not happen with other lenders. I would recommend Seed Cap to anybody that is looking for a quick, economical and viable way to acquire business loans.

Adam Blake
VP of Franchise Development
The Filta Group Inc

After not being able to get into a franchise due to a competitive bid, I did not loose hope in starting or expanding my business.

When I moved to Florida with the Real Estate prices low as they were, I took advantage of Seed Capital. What banks could not do I could count on Seed Cap to get the business loans I needed to expand. If it were not for Seed Cap we would be wondering how do we get financing.

The customer service and the partnership with Seed Capital has been invaluable.

Anyone wanting to start a business and have no options, please trust in Seed Cap as they know what they are doing.

Thank you,
Mike Hanson

Seed Capital is a Better Business Bureau accredited company based in Henderson, Nevada. The company offers entrepreneurs a unique method of securing the funding needed today and assisting in building superb business credit for future working capital needs. Seed provides the industry's most complete service guarantee; if a client does not receive at least $50,000 in cash credit lines, they do not pay a single cent.

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