Thursday, December 30, 2010

New MMA Training Gloves Punching Workout! It's Perfect

Hey MMA Fans… I came across this new As Seen on TV Product that is right up my alley. It is not just for mixed martial artists, it is actually made for anyone to use it just happens to be a great training tool for martial artists, boxers, etc. as well as a great workout for all! The product is called the perfect punch and I mean it is cool. It is a punching resistance-training tool that increases endurance, punching power and speed. I remember seeing in a boxing gym a training tool with a rubber band and handles used for shadow boxing. The bands provide resistance which gives you a work out and increase you punching speed dramatically. This is that on steroids… It has bands and a strap to prevent slipping so you can punch away without the bands slipping off. The kicker is the bands are attached to MMA fight gloves, which is so cool. You feel like you are training for the UFC with these gloves on. The perfect punch was created by Jay Glazier who is a MMA trainer and works for Fox Sports as a commentator and I saw UFC champ Dan Henderson using them. I am hooked on the perfect punch, anyway I will get back to you with another review in the near future as I can go on and on all day about these gloves. You can find out more about the Perfect Punch here and see watch the Perfect Punch Commercial.

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