Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riddex Plus Home Pest Control Device Reviews

What is Riddex Pulse?

First off  Riddex Pulse is a fast and simple way to get rid of mice,rats, and roaches without having to call that ultra-expensive pestrol control service. These pest repellents are not harmful to dogs, cats, fish or other animals, and they will not interfere with any electronic equipment in your house. Find out more... RIDDEX PULSE

Riddex Pulse Reviews

  • "Thank you so much for Riddex Pulse.

    Since using Riddex our office has been free of mice and any sign of mouse droppings. What a relief! Exterminators can only do so much. But I think that Riddex is the non-toxic solution! Instead of attracting the mice with poison and traps, Riddex is keeping them away - for good! It’s a product that I have recommended in the past but have never had a need for it until now and it’s great.

    Thanks again."

    Victoria Fabry
    New York, NY

  • “I’ve been using Riddex Pulse for 8 years now. When I was in Florida it got rid of those flying roaches. They just left the house. I got one for my daughter when she heard something running around between the walls at night. It really works!

    Martha R.
    Owensboro, KY

  • "We live in front of a farmer’s field and had a lot of problems with mice. I hate mice. We’ve had the Riddex Pest Repeller for almost 5 years. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made."

    Debbie Maley
    Oak Creek, WI

  • "I’m allergic to all those sprays that keep down bugs and flying insects and such. I got Riddex Pulse two years ago and it works like magic! I got rid of the pests without the allergy problems."

    Mary Mathews
    Lake City, SC

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