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Heel Tastic Review - It Works

Heel Tastic Review - It Works

Heel Tastic is one those As Seen On TV health products that hit the scene hard after it's appearance on Pitchmen featuring Billy Mays. I'd seen it before under its previous name, Heel Stick and was pretty confident that nothing about it had changed much so I went a head and bought it.

I'm not a huge sufferer of dry cracked heals but the creams and lotions I've used in the past seem to be nothing more than moisturizers that do little to heal cracked heels. In my case, as with most people, dry heels are usually at most just unsightly. But there are a lot of people suffering from deep foot cracks which cause pain and infection. I've read several heel tastic reviews where people swear by its effectiveness for severe heel problems so if it works for them, I'm confident heel tastic will be popular for awhile.

I decided to buy heel tastic back in June and it began to soften my skin after just a couple of applications. Again, I wasn't in bad shape but I have to admit I was impressed. The thing I noticed immediately was that it went on rather dry. There was no greasy mess and after a moment or two I could put on my socks and there was no stickiness or wetness.

I probably used it three or four times in the first couple of weeks and then I didn't need it anymore. Well, until recently. I moved to Southern California and left my Heel Tastic behind. Here in So Cal I love to walk around without shoes but it's rough on the feet. That's when I remembered how good it was and began to look around for to buy some.

I couldn't find it in stores out here so I ordered it online again and kind of forgot it was coming. When it arrived my feet were pretty dry and I'd so if there were any foot cracks they were mild at best. After about a week, my feet were as soft and smooth as I can ever remember. It was amazing. Again, I've put the stuff away because It's not something you really need to use a lot.

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