Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Turbo Snake

The Turbo Snake is one of the coolest as seen on TV products of all time. It's amazing how these silly infomercials can strike a chord in just about any viewer. We all seem to have at least some of the problems they address.

In this case, slow drains, shower clogs or how to unclog a sink are things we all deal with from time to time. Clogs caused by hair are especially brutal. Liquid drain cleaners usually don't cut it, and drain snakes usually come with expensive plumbers attached to them. But, Turbo Snake is a simple little drain snake that seems to clear up clogs every time.

If you buy turbo snake you receive a large snake for showers, a smaller one for sinks and a wall hook for storage. If you're like me with daughters in the house, the shower clogs are usually caused by the long hair getting stuck in the drain. The turbo snake makes it so easy to clear the drain and keep the water flowing with no back-ups.

Without even removing the drain stopper, just slide the head of the turbo snake down the drain, twist a few times, and pull out the clog. It really is the best drain cleaner out there.

The turbo snake will save you time, money and frustration. Before you buy turbo snake be smart and read some reviews and watch the commercial a few times so you can see this awesome little drain snake in action.

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